Neogenics education launches EDUCOM Awrads


Management of Neogenics Education, an international Education Consultancy, on Wednesday launched the Education Community Awards dubbed “EDUCOM Awards” in Accra.
The awards night scheduled for Saturday May 7, 2016 is on the theme: “Inspiring excellence in education delivery.” He said it was also to create a platform for networking and effective collaboration among the various players in the education sector.

He said, hence, the need for a broad scope awards to bring together the education community.

The Lead Consultant said winners would receive a winner’s trophy/ plaque, a certificate and in some case educational resources.

The categories for the awards include: special education needs resource award, educational book award, supplier of the year, outstanding achievement award, leadership in education award, education support worker award, novelty project award and outstanding contribution to local community.

The rest are outstanding contribution to digital technology in education, innovative digital teacher award, international collaborators of the year, enterprise initiator award, education partnership award, inspirational teacher award and partner in learning award.

He said for the past two years, the organization has shaped and influenced the teaching and school leadership practice of about 1,500 teachers, 400 schools, 120 school leaders and 14 educational consultants with their cutting edge service, resource and interventions.

Mr Grant said the 20 awards, which are in 20 categories, would ensure that there was an award for the most deserving contributor to education.

He said education of the child or an adult was not limited to the input of only schools and teachers but includes several other institutions and significant personalities.

Mr Grant Bulmuo, Lead Consultant of Neogenics Education Consultancy, speaking at the launch of the awards, said the initiative is to identify positive contributions within the education community in the country.

The award is to recognise all the valuable educational related work that has been undertaken within communities across the country by schools, students, parents, media, publishers and Non Governmental Organisations.