Neogenics Education Consult launches 2017 education community awards


Neogenics Education Consult has launched the second edition of its Education Community Awards (EDUCOM).

The Award, scheduled for Saturday August 19 2017, is designed to acknowledge stakeholders within the education sector for their various contributions to the promotion or development of education.

“The purpose of the awards is ti identify positive contributions within the education community in Ghana and celebrate them. We realise that there are quite a lot of good practices that go on within Ghana [but] we sometimes get them overshadowed by some of the inadequacies within our education sector,” Chief Executive of Neogenics, Grant Bulmuo noted.


The first edition saw educationist Alhaji Rahim Gbadamosi winning the Lifetime Achievement Award.

It also awarded 13 others in various categories including Novelty Project and Media Contribution.


Award categories

The 2017 Edition however, will award 20 individuals in 20 different categories. Deserving children, teaching and other staff, parents, schools, non-governmental and civil society groups, as well as business and corporate organisations in the promotion of education would all be awarded.



Individuals or organisations wishing make nominations for the 2017 awards are encouraged to visit before June 30, 2017.


Neogenics Education is an International Education Consultancy and Training Service provider.

It equips educational institutions and individuals with skill and resource training, and renders advisory services.

It empower both institutions and individuals to deliver on their goals and maximize their potential.

By: Sixtus Dong Ullo/